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FIC: Past the Falling Leaves [02 May 2004|12:32am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Title: Past the Falling Leaves
Author and Reader: Trinity Helix
Fandom: lotrps
Pairing: sean b/viggo m
Rating: r
Summary: Holding on to happiness is like trying to catch summer in your hands. Autumn always follows.
Warnings: Angst, Deathfic
Feedback: trinity_cross@yahoo.com
Audio file: http://trinitycross.net/lotrfan/audio/FallingLeaves.rm
Story: http://trinitycross.net/lotrfan/fanficRP.html

Hope you like guys. ;) It's a bit long, (17 minutes), but the file is small. 2mb.

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POTC Drabbles [01 Nov 2003|07:31pm]

TITLE : Passion
PAIRING : Johnny Depp / Orlando Bloom (POTC)
AUTHOR : m_l_h


The following 3 drabbles are a mini-series.

TITLES : Accustomed, Reminders, Second Chance?
PAIRING : Johnny / Orlando (POTC)
AUTHOR : m_l_h
FEEDBACK : If I've the balls to read these things out loud, record them and then post them on the internet, the least you can do is let me know what you think! I can take it!



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[01 Nov 2003|05:38pm]

TITLE : Arrow Fondling
PAIRING : Orlando / Viggo (LOTR RPS)
AUTHOR : m_l_h
FEEDBACK : Do we do feedback on this sort of thing?
NOTES : It's me who wrote it, it's me who talks it, it's me who's taking the credit/abuse.

Arrow Fondling
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[01 Nov 2003|11:23am]

So I got permission from the original author after syndarys pushed me.

Title: An Obscene Obsession by jitter_bug
Fandom: HP
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: a big fat NC-17
Summary: Draco gives Harry what he needs.. *cough*
Warnings: You'll be hearing my voice. Bwaha!
Audio: An Obscene Obsession, ~60 seconds long, right-click and save, please
Story: An Obscene Obsession by jitter_bug

Let me thank the author again for letting me butcher read her story aloud, and for writing such a wonderful story. Enjoy, guys.
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[31 Oct 2003|11:12pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Title: Cuttings
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What Malfoy wants.
Warnings: Bloodplay.
Audio file: Cuttings.wma (Format: Window's Media Audio)
Story: Posted on my Journal

Notes: Oh my god, I cant believe I've done this. I sound so cheesy. I shouldnt have listened to it myself. Oh well, my fate is sealed. *cringes*


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[30 Oct 2003|05:28pm]

Hey there.. thanks to syndarys for starting this community! I guess I'll start off with what I did these past two days.

Title: Untitled PWP by me
Pairing: Dom/Christian/Lij <-- Christian Coulson, who plays Tom Riddle in the 2nd HP movie
Rating: NC-17, baby!
Summary: They get it on. That's about it. =)
Warnings: I wrote it and I'm reading it. I guess that's warning enough.
Audio file: domlijchris.wav, ~a minute and a half long, right-click and save please
Story: is in my LJ

Title: Let's Pretend by finduilas_clln
Fandom: LOTR
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Rating: PG
Summary: Their feelings for each other are completely different. That's a suckass summary, but it's a beautiful drabble, believe me.
Warnings: None. Except for maybe listening to my voice.
Audio file: letspretend.wav, ~60 secs long, right-click and save please
Story: Fin's drabble
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Well... figured out how to join... [30 Oct 2003|01:02pm]
That's a start. LMAO
Now.. I just have to figure out exactly what I'd want to read aloud...
*wanders off*
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Welcome to FictionAloud 2003! [30 Oct 2003|05:41pm]

What originally started out as PornAloud 2003, has expanded to include slash fiction of the non-pr0ny variety. Join, post, listen, and enjoy.

Currently, we're after Lord Of The Rings fiction (RPS and CS), and Harry Potter fiction (CS, and only RPS if it's involving cast members who are over 18 - no exceptions).

Get recording, all you talented writers out there!

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